Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You know you travel too much

In 2007, I traveled 100% for my job. It didn’t start out that way—I was supposed to travel 75% but the client requirements changed that pretty quickly. Those who haven’t traveled a lot for work tend to see the glamorous parts of it and not the tedium of eating every meal in a restaurant, always having to sleep in a bed not your own, and the boredom involved.

I’m not traveling 100% for this job. It nets out at about 50% although it’s sort of clumped up. So I traveled once in August but then was gone most of September. I traveled once again in October, a longer trip in November and now I’m gone about half of December. So it averages out.

I found a funny thread about traveling too much on FlyerTalk, a forum dedicated to those of us who fly a lot. So many of these posts rang true for me and made me giggle. Some of them made me glad I don’t travel as much as they do.

I've traveled enough to Hilo that the front desk folks at the hotel know me as does the Hertz rental agent (he gives me nicer cars now). I guess that's good since I'll be back here next month and in March and then again in June. For someone who never really cared about going to Hawai'i , I've sure come here a lot.


FreshHell said...

I am a home-body and would hate to travel that much. I don't see any glamour in it. I'm not big on restaurants (and as a vegetarian with an iffy stomach, there's not often much to choose from) and I don't like hotels or sleeping in circumstances I can't control. I hope after this current jaunt, you'll be home more and can give those kitties the attention they crave. :) Because it's all about the cats, isn't it?

kittiesx3 said...

I look forward to being home but unfortunately it won't be any time soon. And yes, it really is all about the kitties :-)

Jeanne said...

I definitely see the glamorous parts of it; I think Hawaii is paradise on earth. On the other hand, I've spent enough of the last couple of years in hotel rooms to have some inkling of what you're talking about.