Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't really want to go

It's 3 AM, and I've been up for 30 minutes already because I catch a super early flight to Hawaii again. I've got big ol Eddie squeezed in my chair behind me and Wally is perched on the back of the chair. Kent's snoring  er sleeping away in the bedroom and Chloe is nibbling on some kibble. While the weather in Hawaii trumps Boston this time of year, I'd rather stay home.

I love my job and think I do work that actually matters. But at heart I'm a home-body and there hasn't been a lot of home time this fall. It looks like things aren't going to settle down until midway through 1Q 2011. So really this is a mid-game whine.

I'm sure by the time I get to my hotel in about 24 hours (groan) I'll be fine.

Here's a bonus Wally picture from the other day. He's very proprietary about my desk.

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Jeanne said...

You and I are in such opposite situations right now... I'd love to have a job that matters and be able to go places.

Guess we should each use what the other one writes to feel luckier about what we currently have.

I've been enjoying the small noise that the cat water fountain makes while I'm here alone much of the day. It's not as much company as the parakeets, but more than the silence punctuated by cats trotting over carpet.