Saturday, December 11, 2010

Despicable Me

One of my absolute favorite movies is Monsters, Inc. I love that movie partly because I looked like Boo as a little girl and also that movie does an end run around my protective barriers and I always cry at the end when Boo says "Kitty!"

Well on the HNL > SLC flight last night I (finally) watched Despicable Me. Jeanne liked it and I like Jeanne and generally check out a lot of things she recommends. I must confess, I teared up at the ending.

In my family traditions (the ones I established with my children, not what we had growing up), we include movies in stocking gifts--by the way, DVDs fit better than VHS movies, so thank God for technological advances. Anyway, if a copy of this movie showed up in my stocking, I wouldn't mind. Yes, Kent, I am so very subtle.


FreshHell said...

We liked that movie too. The kids saw it twice last summer - once with me and again with their dad.

Kent J said...

So assuming you received such a movie as a gift, would we pencil in a viewing for sometime in 2013?

kittiesx3 said...

Well we would need to be home at the same time. That may be a challenge.