Thursday, February 25, 2016

Old tapes

My sister and I were talking—ok emailing—the other day about old tapes, the negative tapes we play in our heads that say in various ways that we aren’t good enough. We'd agreed that those tapes are so hard to change yet so damaging that they can't stay.

That conversation stuck with me, and this morning as I ran, I remembered another one that continues to play in my head—I’m not a runner.

Oh the irony of that tape! Because it’s true, I have always had a very hard time considering myself to be a runner, even as I am actually running. Somewhere in my brain, the definition of runner has become hugely inflated with impossibly high standards that include sub-six minute miles, at least marathon distances (preferably ultra-marathon distances!) and so on and so forth.

How silly is that? The truth is, I run therefore I am a runner.

Also here are my new cardio shoes, the Rykas I mentioned here. They are not perfect and I do have to wear my thick Balega socks (the Hidden Contour ones if you are interested), but they work and I even like the way they look.


Kerry DeBauge said...

I have the same tape, except I think to myself I wish I were more of a "runner" like EJ. So there.

Elizabeth said...

Oh you goober!