Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This & that

  • I write more when I am able to run regularly. I’m not sure why it’s so, I just know that it’s the truth. Since I'm not yet back to running, my posting has gone way down. 
  • Kent’s eating Brussels sprouts regularly, which is good because he doesn’t always eat a lot of vegetables (except in the summer, when it’s salad season). But it’s bad, too, because I think Brussels sprouts stink to high, high heaven.
  • I’ve started the initial steps to fill up my work pipeline again. This contract ends March 20—it’s been great, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I hope the next gig is as fun.
  • I think about sewing stuff, but just as with my blog posts, when I’m not running, sewing goes by the wayside too. Maybe it’s more that my creative side gets ignored when I can’t run.
  • Speaking of which, I’m working hard to get back into shape. The weather’s precluded running but that’s OK. I have other workouts to do, and so I’ve been doing yoga, aerobics and some other strength workouts. I’m staying away from doing purely weights for strength—I think I need the flexibility component from yoga or Pilates and a weight workout doesn’t give me that.
  • We made falafel tacos last week from a recipe I got from a friend. Oh my word, they are amazing.In fact they were so amazing, we had them again this week. 
  • Kent and I both read the Southern Reach trilogy while on vacation. It’s sort of science fiction, sort of not and definitely weird but quite good. If you like books that don’t spell everything out in stone and that are a bit ambiguous and/or weird, these might be the books for you.  

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Jeanne said...

I'll look for the Southern Reach Trilogy.
Do you know of any science fiction that has biology? A friend of mine was asking, and I thought you might know.