Sunday, February 1, 2015

A catch up post

Happy February!

I’ve graduated from physical therapy. While I’m not 100% with either issue, I am pretty confident I can continue making good progress on my own. My shoulder is so much better, and I’ve never had this much flexibility through my arms. The piroformis issue remains so-so. Running is still a struggle and I think this one is just going to take more time, plus a whole lot of diligence with the rehab exercises and also the muscle releases (with a tennis ball which, yes, is as painful as it sounds—you try rolling your butt around on a tennis ball and see if you think it feels good).

And we just had a great visit from Ben and Jen and the kids. Jen’s parents live about 40 miles from us, so they were able to get in good visits with everyone. Also I can check Lego-Land off my to-do list now!

I’ve tried Brussels sprouts again—I believe it’s a good idea to revisit foods I don’t like on the off chance my taste buds have changed. In this case, no, no they have not. So I’m thinking that’s probably the last time I give the little cabbages of doom a try. 

And please take my word for it that no matter how amazing your Brussels sprouts recipe is, unless I cannot taste them one little bit (in which case why am I eating them?), I won’t like your version either. I promise. 

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