Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm going to Disney World!

No, not me. But it's part of the story.

One of the reasons we fly on Delta pretty much exclusively is because the rewards program is so good. We get upgrades to first class on most of our trips, which is nice both for the extra room and the convenience.

So it was this last weekend that we had seats in first class for our trip to New York. While waiting at the gate house in Kansas City, I noticed a girl with probably her dad who was standing near us – she was really chatty, the kind you know comes from being nervous or a little keyed up. So I asked her if this was her first plane trip. No, she said, it was her second but her dad had flown a lot so he was the expert. He sort of rolled his eyes so I’m guessing he hadn’t actually flown all that much but it was pretty cute to see her belief in him. They were on their way to Disney World and she was just all kinds of excited about the trip.

Right about the, the gate agent called for families with small children to board, and she asked why they were going on the plane. I walked through the process with her (families with small children, those who need more time to board, first class and then by the zone numbers on the tickets) and she nodded. This was a very rare flight in that there was only one family that pre-boarded and none who needed extra time. So the gate agent called for first class. As I stepped up to the gate, she asked in utter surprise, “Are you in first class??” Yes, I said, I am. Her eyes got huge. I think she was kind of amazed that real people sit in first class.

I hope she had a great time in Disney World.

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