Sunday, June 29, 2014

You just might be a precious snowflake* if you

  • Drive the wrong way in a one way parking garage so you can get to a parking spot faster.
  • Refuse to pick up your dog’s poop when your pooch poops in someone else’s yard OR
  • Leave your dog’s filled poop sack in someone else’s yard OR
  • Just generally toss any of your own trash in someone else’s yard.
  • Sniff that others aren’t very ladylike because they don’t talk the way you do and then you write judgmental things about those same people. Yeah, because gossiping is such a ladylike trait, right?
  • Take or make a cell phone call at your table while dining out anywhere more upscale than McDonald’s. 
  • Hit a parked car and then leave without calling the police or even checking to see how much damage you did to the other car (and you find out later you are exceeding your own $1000 deductible to repair the damage you did to your own car).
  • And big negative bonus points if you use the term “Jew” to describe someone’s behavior. That’s so far beyond the pale of anything remotely approaching appropriate that I think you’ve entered a special realm of nastiness.
Got any to add to this list?

*Where precious snowflake is not at all a good thing

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