Monday, February 10, 2014

Winners and a loser (or at least not a winner)

I have been sewing a lot over the last week. In addition to the shorts for the middle grandson, I also pulled together my second make of this Simplicity dress.

It's all but done, all I need to do is hem the outside layer. I faced a different (for me) sort of challenge with this dress because although I'd made it before, I'm enough smaller now that the previous size was/is too big. But patterns come bundled in sizes and the size I needed for this make was not included in my pattern. That meant I needed to buy a second pattern, which annoyed me but resulted in a better fit.

I used a fabric that's quite drapey which sort of goes against the retro vibe of the dress. To overcome how much the fabric wanted to drape, I lined it with white cotton. This solved a couple of potential problems: it's not see-through, the dress has more body and skims better and it's also really soft and comfy to wear.

It's too damn cold to put the dress on for anything other than a nanosecond of fitting so I will get a picture next weekend when we are someplace warm. Yes, we are going away for an extended weekend so we can thaw out.

I also made myself a bag. If I'm not careful, I'll be known as both the crazy cat lady and a bag lady . . . Anyway, here's another version of the Birdie Sling Bag but this time it's for me.

Finally I had enough scraps of this material on hand that I thought I could get another top out of it. I'd already made a dress, which I like a lot. Normally I wouldn't go for multiple items from the same fabric but you have to admit this is some neat cloth. Unfortunately, it's a bit too soft to work in the pattern I made. I may be able to salvage it but I'm out of energy for that top right now.

Next up is possibly a coat. We'll see. My upper back is scolding me for all the hunching over I've done the last few days.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Yes, so springy! That dress screams "tropical vacation," I love the bag, and I even love the heap-o-shirt -- that plaid looks very soft. You know how I feel about 'soft" and "plaid."

Anonymous said...


kittiesx3 said...

The dress I made from the plaid (linked to it in the post) is indeed soft and comfy, but the fabric is just a little too unstructured for the top I made out of it. Oh well, it was fabric I already had on hand so not really a waste -- just not a winner.

Magpie said...

the dress is fun - so lilly pulitzer!