Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another day, another dress

Yesterday I finished up Simplicity 3833 – one of Simplicity’s vintage 1960s dresses. I love this pattern a lot. Empire waistlines are a great look on me, and the way this dress is designed to skim the rest of the body does kind things for my . . . shall we say lumpier areas. It's got two very deep darts that start almost by the waist and angle up into nearly the center bust area (hard to see those darts in the picture, I know).

I made this from a cotton/silk waffle weave I got from Fabric Mart. Originally I was going to make a shirt from it but it seemed a little too crisp for that. The crispness works well with the lines of the dress and helps the dress hang better. I will say that pressing this stuff was painful, because if I let the iron get too hot, the fabric would get shiny. So I used a pressing cloth all the way through.

I did line the dress; the waffle weave fabric would have been slightly see-through and I’d like to wear this dress to work. I should add that I do not own nor do I want to own any slips, so lining the dress was the better option.

Here's a close up of the fabric so you can better see the texture.