Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don’t understand vs. judging

Don’t understand:
  • Wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt with hoodie plus jeans while walking for exercise when the temp is in the upper 70s with high humidity. Hey, I wouldn’t do it but maybe the old guy was cold.
  • Wearing a bra that doesn’t properly constrain/contain the um bosom so that it moves around more than waves on the ocean. Looks painful to me, but if it doesn’t bother them – well OK!
  • Using earbuds and listening to music while running – music that’s so loud I can hear the tune and lyrics from the outside. Hope you don’t mind being deaf later in life and also, hope you don’t need to hear the traffic but again, your choice.

  • Running in the street, two of you, when there’s a sidewalk right there. It’s wide enough, and you’re being reckless in my opinion. 
  • Riding your bicycle on the sidewalk when (a) you have a blinking light so traffic sees you coming; (b) you are wearing a helmet; and (c) there’s a minor four lane road right there.

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