Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eyes, part 2

Remember the allergic reaction I had about six-seven weeks ago? With the zombie-like swelling and fiery red inner lids?

Well my eyes flared slightly over the weekend. Thankfully, they didn't swell up this time, but my inner lower lids turned fiery red in spots again. I tossed the offending products, got new products for sensitive eyes and hoped for the best.

And they are better. Yesterday I showed Kent how much they had improved. He was horrified, but not by the red parts. No, he was alarmed by the pale parts on the inner lids.You see, he's a red head who doesn't tan and his inner lids are always pretty red looking. So to him, my eyes looked kind of normal, except where they actually were normal . . .

He and I have such different coloring -- he's pink and I'm yellow. In fact, he's so pink he makes me look jaundiced. But this is the first time our color differences led him to think I actually had an infection.

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