Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wither, blister, burn and peel

I wonder what it is about vacationing in exotic or semi-exotic locations that makes people take leave of their senses. I’ve seen this happen way too many times in Hawaii (eight trips and counting) and Jamaica (three trips and longing for more): pasty white tourists who apparently forget that they live in northern latitudes and are now at 21.3114° or 18.1315° respectively. And of course they aren’t pasty white any more, they are fiery, fiery red. The kind of red that makes you wince when you see it.

No, we didn’t do this. We both wore sunblock (Kent wears 50 SPF because he’s a pallid redhead who only burns and I wear 15 SPF because I’m not) but we sure saw lots of crispy critters on the beach Saturday. The most uncomfortable burn we saw was the woman who wore a bikini only the bottom had sort of ridden up to the point that it almost looked like a thong. I think you can guess where she burned. Talk about hot cross buns.

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