Saturday, May 25, 2013

So much to say

Think of a blend between the Dave Mathews Band song and the Minute Waltz . . .
  • My eyes are on the (slow) mend after a full week on steroids. I was the hit of the doctor's office on Wednesday as the staff ooh'd and ahh'd over how red my inner lids and the interior corners (all four directions) were.
  • I briefly mentioned eating at the Iron Chef's restaurant in Waikiki a couple of weeks ago -- amazing food. But we just had Kent's birthday dinner at a 2013 Food  & Wine award winner's restaurant today and it was unbelievably good plus about 1/3 less in cost. We'll definitely be going back to Story.
  • I've sewn two bags in the last couple of weeks and I'm working on another one (which may be beyond my skills, we'll see). Pictures later.
  • We got a new rug for the dining room; pictures later . . . 

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