Saturday, May 18, 2013

I only have eyes for you

Wednesday evening, my BFF and I went to a spa for her very delayed Christmas present (and yes, I realize it's May). I've been to this particular spa and esthetician before and never had any problems but this time, some product got in my eyes. The esthetician washed out my eyes very thoroughly so I thought nothing more of it.

Until Friday morning, when I woke up with my eyes swollen nearly shut. As I've learned from Dr. Google, there's a real difference between puffy and swollen eyes, and my eyes were in Swollenville, population me. I took benadryl yesterday, alternated with cold and hot compresses on my eyes and all that happened was the swelling moved further down my face and then got red areas. I told Kent if things weren't improved this morning, I'd go to a Minute Clinic.

Well they weren't improved, not one little bit. So off I went. The nurse practitioner at the Minute Clinic took one look at the insides of my lower eye lids (which are a brilliant red) and sent me off to an urgent care place. She was pretty confident I would need a steroid shot and she couldn't do that at her clinic.

So off I went again. Sure enough, I'm having a dilly of an allergic reaction. No shot (yay!) but I am taking predisone and continuing the benadryl. I'm pleased to say I've already improved although you probably couldn't tell from this picture. FYI, none of that blotchiness or swelling is normal for me.

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