Friday, January 25, 2013

It's the little things

Like having a linen closet after eight years without one. Our new one isn't huge but that's OK, we don't actually have lots of towels and sheets. But I think Kent appreciates not having to store the extra set in his nightstand.

Or all the windows and light. The cats never seem to tire of bird watching, and I never tire of watching them do it.

A two-car garage. We didn't have a garage at all in Boston and paid dearly ($400 a month!) to park our cars on pieces of dirt.

Huge recycling bins. I've said it before but Boston lags way behind the Kansas City metro area in recycling.

A full-size stacking washer and dryer. We had stackables at our last home in Kansas City but they were compact so washing queen-size bedspreads was practically impossible. I think this washer has the capacity.

Granite counters. I love them. I loved them in Kansas City before we left, I loved them in Boston and I missed them until last Saturday.

In other news, we managed to go nearly a week before Wally discovered the toilet paper on the roll in our bathroom. I'd dared to hope that he had outgrown his need to destroy toilet paper but I was wrong. Last night I heard him making a strange noise in the bathroom and with Wally, that's never a good thing. This is what I found.

He's also obsessed with getting in the lower kitchen cabinets. We'll hear those doors banging away and we know that it's just Wally being Wally.

And we still have some boxes lying around the place. Eddie and Wally are both in and out of those boxes when they're not obsessed with birds, cabinets or toilet paper. This picture is a little blurry but you can really see how he likes to hide.


Jeanne said...

Your new place sounds terrific. Does it have a guest room? ;-)

kittiesx3 said...

Yes although no bed yet. We need to get one.

Anonymous said...

I love those low windows!