Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So much to say

Because we board early, I’m always able to indulge my love of people watching as they parade down the aisle to find their seats. The trip from Atlanta to London was no exception, especially because international flights generally take much longer to board. Our plane had a two-three-two seat configuration, and we had the two seats on the left side. A mid-20s woman sat directly in front of Kent and the seat in front of me went empty for a long time. Then he walked down the aisle.

This man was at least 6 feet 6 inches tall, and had not an ounce of fat on him plus he was good-looking. His upper arms were bigger around than my thighs and almost bigger than Kent’s thighs. The guy had muscles on his muscles, enough that we speculated perhaps some supplements were involved. When he sat in his seat, his shoulders extended beyond both sides by at least four or five inches. He wore his sunglasses almost the entire time and we figured it was partly to avoid making eye contact with guys who might want to try to prove how manly they were by taking him on. He took them off shortly before landing and was very pleasant, talking with the man across the aisle from him. Turns out Muscles is Welsh and lives in the US.

I felt for him though. The poor guy got hit by everyone boarding the plane and by every refreshment cart that came by. It's not like he could lean away from the aisle enough to avoid getting hit the way I can. Even if he'd known his seatmate, that would have required a serious invasion of her personal space. The guy was just huge. And I'm sure his size is why he waited to board until the very end. If I were his size, I'd have waited too.

We also had a man removed from that same flight. The pilot made an announcement about 10 minutes after we should have taken off and said "A passenger won't be making the flight with us today." Turns out he was massively drunk. Delta sent another giant of a man onto the plane to act as the silent enforcer to back up the three female flight attendants. Kent and I joked that Delta could have just asked Muscles to stand there. I know that would have been more intimidating than the man they did send because while large, he was clearly not fit. The removing process took a while because his traveling companion (girlfriend? friend? don’t know which) had to figure out if she too would leave the plane. She did, and of course then their luggage had to be identified and removed before we could take off.

At KCI, one of the tugs that push back the planes was painted in the breast cancer pink. I mean the whole thing was pink. You couldn't miss it, and I wondered if they would paint it back at the end of October.  Then on our return trip, we noticed that part of the housing under the wings of our plane was pink. Our pilot later told us we were flying on Delta’s signature Pink Plane.

And all of this happened before we even got to London! More about the rest of the trip later.


Jeanne said...

I've never read that part of the airline ticket agreement, the part that says I can't fly if I'm drunk. Hmm.

kittiesx3 said...

You can be removed if the pilot deems you to be a hazard to the crew and passengers. It's his/her call.