Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stand up straight

There are two women at work who've had a good effect on me and they don’t (nor will they) ever know it.

Both have the worst posture. I mean they slouch horribly. One has a jutted forward head (picture the way a bird's head sort of looks) and she's so rounded forward that her chin is in real danger of sinking into her chest. The other woman walks perpetually bent forward from her waist and also suffers from that same odd bird neck/head issue. Every time I see either one, I stand up straighter and stack my shoulders over my hips.

Kent’s cousin has amazing posture. Well she would, she was a dancer at Radio City Music Hall for years and it shows. My older son, who was also a dancer for years, has equally amazing posture. They are my positive posture role models.

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