Sunday, January 8, 2012


smile dude!
Not sure why he wouldn't smile.
Kent has finished his first sewing project ever. He gets frustrated with ready-to-wear dress shirts—he’s got long arms so to get a shirt with long enough sleeves, he looks like he’s swimming in the neck and chest area. Despite being actively dissuaded from learning to sew by one fabric store in Kansas City, he persevered and did a great job. The hem is actually level on the front of his shirt but the way he’s standing makes it look as though the two sides aren’t level.

I'm smiling!
And I have a success to report also. This pattern is one of the ones our friend Kevin gave me. I mentioned how nervous I was to sew it up out of this knit because it’s super slippery and I haven’t had a lot of experience or success with those kinds of knits. But it’s turned out well. I paid attention to the reviews on Pattern Review. Without fail, the reviews said the pattern had a lot of material in the bodice area so I cut smaller than I normally would and also took about an inch out of the bodice length. Good thing too, otherwise I think the dress would have looked very saggy. I’ll take this dress to Jamaica later this month.


Jeanne said...

The other win is getting to wear sleeveless and short-sleeved things next month! You both look great.

kittiesx3 said...

Boy, no kidding on the joys of wearing sleeveless/short sleeve in January or February.

I think the reason I ran into so much trouble with the pink skirt is that it was way too cold to contemplate trying on the skirt when the sizing issues were still fixable. It was 9F that day and we live in a chilly basement. Guess I'm a wimp.

Judith said...

Your new toys are on the way. Looks like you can really use them. Great job, both of you.

Joybells said...

You are both so stinkin' cute! Nicely done on both endeavors! xoxo

kd said...

Brad and I are both so impressed. Ya'll are awesome!