Monday, January 2, 2012

It's going to be a busy month

I have a lot of sewing planned:

Pink skirt.
 I'm going to make this pink, almost eyelet into a skirt; it's from a failed dress attempt late last summer. Rather than just pitch everything, I unpicked the skirt from the bodice and recut it into this Vogue skirt pattern.

Dress, possibly with a matching
short sleeve jacket.

I got this flowery material in Idaho and had hoped to make that Butterick retro dress out of it. But I don't have enough. That dress is a gathered, circle skirt and requires over five yards of material. I have three yards. This dress is similar in feel and should be a good shape for me. I'm making the light green version on the pattern envelope.

Tank top
I got a free pattern from Colette Patterns (see what it looks like here) and have cut it from this lovely plaid.

Sort of a halter dress.

I want to try making more knit clothes so I'll give this dress a try out of the (yes you guessed it) pink knit.

Black knit skirt
I made a black wool knit skirt this fall which is very useful until summer. So I'm making a ponte knit version. The colorful print on the right is what I'm lining the yoke with. I may have enough to get a top out of the lining too.

Close up of the lining

And finally, this is how wild and crazy our New Year's Eve celebration was. Makes you sleepy just contemplating that picture, doesn't it?

Wild and crazy New Year's Eve

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lemming said...

Aw! The laser just wore out poor Eddie; he can only handle so much of that crazy lifestyle.

As I've said, sewing is not my talent, so admire what you've planned.