Friday, January 13, 2012

Do we really need all of this?

Before I started dating Kent, I’d become a gamer—I played Everquest which is an MMORPG. When we started dating, I set it aside because that game in particular takes a lot of time and we were busy doing other things. I even tried playing golf then—I took lessons that summer, which helped, but I’ll be honest. I was not very good.

Kent is a gamer too, although he’d always played first-person shooter games. I suggested we play EQ together and he thought that might be fun. Well at that point, the game had released three or four expansions, which meant buying those CDs for the game and they cost about $40 each. I remember him asking me in Best Buy if we really needed all those expansions in order to play the game. Yes, yes, I assured him, we really did. And we went on to play EQ together for a couple of years. Then we switched to World of Warcraft, which we still play. He doesn't ask if we really need the expansions any more.

Now Kent is sewing, and like most crafts there are a lot of tools you can get that really make the job easier—things like a tailor’s ham, seam rippers, several different kinds of scissors, tracing paper, and that’s not even getting into the sewing machine or serger or both. He told me over the weekend when he was pressing his current shirt project how much easier having the ham made getting his seamed properly pressed. And he confessed that he’d wondered if we’d really needed all of those tools.

Yes, yes, sweetie, we really do.


Jeanne said...

I've noticed that there are people who really like kitchen tools, and people who use whatever comes to hand. I'm one of the second type. I made something that usually requires something I've never owned called a "food processor" with a hand mixer the other day.

The closest I've ever come to needing hobby supplies is when we had guinea pigs and parakeets. They needed lots of stuff.

I guess buying books counts, though, doesn't it?

Diane Russell said...

Kent will learn, the more he sews, how invaluable those extra little tools become.

I have a whole room, and closet, full of gadgets, and supplies, thst I've collected over the last 40+ years. I need them all!!

I've had to switch to buying digital books, Jeanne. I just don't have the space for storage, even though I prefer having a book in my hands to reading on my iPad.

Jolo said...

I know nothing about sewing, so I will concentrate on the first two thirds.

Gamer nerds! Hah!

Judith said...

Seam rippers are the life blood of sewing and when I made peace with mine, everything was easier.