Saturday, November 26, 2011

New traditions

I've loved seeing what my sons want to continue for their holiday traditions--for the most part, they've taken everything I did and incorporated them into their own family celebrations. That makes me feel really good.

This is our fifth Thanksgiving with Ben and Jen and the second year Jordan and Sophie have been able to join us. So we have a couple of new traditions:
  • Our Great Pizza Cook-off. This started as a competition between Kent and Ben and now we've decided it's really just a way for us all to have great pizza. This will be our third cook-off.
  • Catan Championships. Jordan, Ben and Kent played last year and are playing again this year. I think this will be a new tradition for them.
  • Faux Christmas. Ben and Jen graciously put up their tree the Friday after Thanksgiving so we can help and then we open presents. Alison is old enough to know that this isn't the real Christmas celebration and still young enough to enjoy opening all the gifts.
  • Pea Tasty. OK it's not really called that, it's called tea pastry but Ben couldn't say that when he was a little kid. We always had the pea tasty for Christmas breakfast and that's a tradition Ben has continued.
  • Bake time with Alison. Last year Sophie and Alison made cookies together and this year they are going to make cup cakes. I think Sophie is a saint.
Did you know your adult children develop strong opinions of their own? And that you can really learn from them? Well they do and I most definitely have learned from both sons. This week, Ben told me I shouldn't use the tag "stupid things you're rather not know." He said it's demeaning about what I write and also slightly dismissive toward the people who read this blog. I've thought about it, and I'm going to stop using that tag. It will be hard but I'm going to give it a whirl.


Diane Russell said...

I learn from my very opinionated child all the time. She also introduces me to things I wouldn't stumble across on my own.

We taught them to THINK. That happens to include thinking about us, what we do, and why. It also makes you closer because you will listen, and discuss, their points of view. It's all a good thing!

FreshHell said...

I hadn't noticed that tag before. I'm not sure I agree that it's dismissive or demeaning but I can't remember in what context you've used it. But, we all view things differently, which is fine. It's your blog, after all. You can ignore his opinion if you want. or not. :)

kittiesx3 said...

Oh I used it a lot. It started when I shared something that was in my opinion kind of silly/dumb so I just tagged it with the stupid thing. I've gotten generous with that tag so I get where he's coming from.

The thing about Ben is that he's a straight shooter. When he likes something, he's as quick to say that as when he doesn't. So I listen to both positions.

kd said...

This post made me get all watery-eyed. I LOVE how much you accept your children as the individuals they are. Their love of family and tradition is evident in their roots. You should be so proud. I hope all I learn from you will have me someday making cookies with my sons' wives and their children. <3