Thursday, November 11, 2010


The scene: we are sitting in our comfy office chairs. I have my legs resting on Kent's lap because he's (very kindly) rubbing my feet. Chloe is sitting on my lap as the interloper approaches.


Jeanne said...

If Chloe is anything like our Sabrina, who she resembles (the shelter called her a "lynxpoint," which is one way to describe a Siamese/calico mix), then she has a laser look reserved for other cats who dare to come near her lap.

kittiesx3 said...

That's as good a category for her looks as any. It's clear she has Siamese in her although thankfully she's not as chatty as that breed can be. But she's got the point markings and her eyes are a tiny bit crossed. She's also got tiger stripes.

Eddie is a tiger too, but clearly has zero Siamese in him. He just looks like a big ol tiger.

And she doesn't have the look so much as a particular meow which pretty clearly says you back up NOW.