Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Put on your mask before assisting others

Sometimes, sewing fills a practical need, and sometimes it’s more about creating something. I’m not a particularly imaginative sewist but I enjoy picking out fabric I like and then making something I can (hopefully) wear.

In December, I ended up sewing this jacket one Sunday. I’d had it cut out for a couple of months but between home and work, I had no time or energy to sew. But that Sunday, I was driven. And when I finished making the jacket, I realized that I had needed that creative effort. And that I shouldn’t wait until the pressure to create something, anything, becomes overwhelming.

Chloe photobombed this time

Yesterday, I made a skirt to go with the jacket. It’s all done except for hand work, and it’s hanging so that the fabric will stretch however much it wants to before I hem the lining and the wool.

What do you do to recharge yourself?

And for your amusement, here's a blurry photo but I'm smiling (clearly I am not very good at taking selfies).


Paula said...

Love the jacket - simple but classic - and the color is stunning!

Claudia said...

I take walks when I can, I do art projects, I sit and read. It really depends on the day. But I do know that feeling you get when you're focused on doing something you enjoy and are good at and get good results.

Judith said...

You and your creations are beautiful. Love that zipper foot.

Kerry DeBauge said...

You always look so classy. Both look great on you. I find passion in home improvement projects. But, they can be costly and I have no patience, so in the end it causes just as much stress as relaxation. My other passion is gardening. Specifically, bringing the garden into the kitchen. All the better when there are great friends who appreciate when I share. <3