Sunday, April 3, 2016

They all fall down

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you already know I tripped yesterday on my run and took a face plant. I posted that this was why I would far rather run in the dark—which is what I normally do—because I pay better attention. Yesterday’s fall was completely due to me getting distracted by all sorts of things I don’t normally see. I caught a raised edge of the sidewalk with my toe, and down I went.

This fall was weird because I fell uphill. I landed hard enough that a bit of water from my left eye flew out and landed on the inside of my sunglasses and at first I thought I’d scraped the lens on the sidewalk.

It was cold yesterday morning, so I was wearing winter running gear, and that protected me a little bit—for example, my palms stung but weren’t scraped because the gloves protected me. Oddly, in addition to bruising the tops (not the fronts) of my kneecaps, I also have some friction burns on the fronts of my thighs. Oh and my face truly planted on the sidewalk, which is how I split my lip. I feared I might have cracked my tooth or chipped it but thankfully that wasn’t the case, it was just the lip and most of the damage is on the inside. That was good too, since I had sidewalk debris all around my mouth. Nothing like kissing a sidewalk!

This wasn’t the worst fall I’ve had. When I first moved my running to 5 AM, so was running in the dark, I lived in Lawrence (Ben was in his last year of high school). I was running near 9th and Lawrence Avenue, which has just terrible sidewalks. I hadn’t yet developed the habit of paying strict attention to surface I was running on, I caught a raised edge with my toe and went flying. That time I was wearing shorts, not running tights, and I tore up the front of my knee so bad that no band aids would work. As with yesterday, I picked myself up and headed home, only unlike yesterday, there was no way I could finish the run—I had blood running down my leg and in fact ended up pitching the socks because the stains never did come out.

I wore skirts or dresses for a couple of weeks after that fall, and covered the wound with big gauze pads and tape—mostly so people wouldn’t get grossed out at the sight of my hamburger knee. I’ll need to wear dresses or skirts at least this week too, not because my knees are so scabby (they aren’t really scabby) but because it hurts to have anything touching them.

But since that fall in Lawrence, the only times I’ve fallen or even come close to falling have been in the daylight. I’d prefer to sleep in a tiny bit on Saturdays so I guess I will need to quit rubbernecking during daylight runs.

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