Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yes, another bag

I have a friend whom I’ve “known” for nearly a decade—we’ve never met face to face but we have known and gamed with each other for a long time. Even after I stopped playing WoW, we stayed in contact through Facebook and the occasional email.

Turned out she was also playing Rift, the game we play now, so we hooked up in game and have a grand time of it. She had also made some things for us as housewarming gifts when we moved to our current home (you can read about it here).

So I’d been wanting to make her something. I think of my friend in these colors; she’s very upbeat and looks for the positive in everything. What’s more positive than the bright yellow I lined the bag with? But that might be a bit much for the outside, so I used a lovely pink tweed that has some yellow in it.

While I was still working on the bag, she had lost her dear old cat. She wasn't sure how quickly she would find another cat but as it turned out, she ended up finding a rescue kitty pretty quickly. You might remember that another friend had made us amazing catnip mice for our kitties so I asked that friend if she’d whip up a few mice I could include in with the bag for my friend and her new cat.

And the package arrived today! My friend likes her bag, the new kitty likes the mice and I’m a happy camper.


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You are such a good friend. <3