Monday, January 18, 2016

So last century

Years ago, my mom owned the very earliest of Jane Fonda’s workout routines on VHS. I benefited from her collection and ended up using not only the ones she didn’t care for but others I bought for myself. I’ve always liked working out at home and not having to take time to get to a gym or—back in the day—find childcare.

But over the years, my tapes pretty much wore out and then of course, technology changed and everything was on DVD. Except for my favorite Jane Fonda workouts. So I found new workouts, some I liked a lot and some I thought were awful.

I checked off and on to see if those Fonda workouts ever were available on DVD and lo and behold, a couple of years ago they were. I didn’t get them then, mostly because I had a good rotation of other DVDs I liked and also partly because well can you ever really go home?

Last week I decided what the heck. Amazon had three of them available as a bundle and so I clicked that order button and here they are.

They aren’t remastered, so the quality isn’t as high as they used to be and the volume is a bit on the low side. But I have to say that the production values are good and best of all, the workouts are as I remembered—well worth doing.