Friday, November 20, 2015

More fun with dimensions

This dimension is loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright's Jacobs House. I've seen someone else do a spot on version of Falling Water, so I didn't want to do that yet the scenery cries out for Frank Lloyd Wright.

It started with one house--the red one perched over the top of the waterfall (and yes, in the dimension, the water flows, trees move with the breeze, there are bird songs--it's very realistic). That first red house is my take on Jacobs House.

But the dimension had an item count of 315 items and I hadn't used them all up. So I added the blue house. Then I spent in-game money and expanded the dimension so I could use more items. Then I added the green house.

Altogether I expanded four times and build a total of four houses. All have kitchens, a bedroom, a dining area, a living area with fireplace, views of the waterfalls and pools of water, and of course each house has a bathroom too.

Jacobs House kitchen

Jacobs House living room

Jacobs House from behind

Green house living room

Blue house living room


Paula said...

way cool! very similar to a virtual training site that I was once a part of (just as a user of the demo site) and got to play around with exactly this type of activity. So where do you access this?

kittiesx3 said...

In the game we currently play called Rift. It's an MMORPG and the dimensions aren't the point of the game (but I sure enjoy them).