Friday, November 6, 2015

How is it November 6 already?

I can hardly believe that November is here and that in just a couple of weeks, we’ll be seeing friends and family for Friendsgiving/Thanksmas. Or that I haven’t written anything in two weeks.

But isn’t that the way of life? If one area is crazy busy, then something has to give. Work is the crazy busy thing for me right now, which means I have not only less time but less mental energy to use anywhere else. I’ve moaned about this before but it’s still true—I write a lot in the course of my job, so if work is crazy, it’s as though I’ve used up all my words.

Here’s another way I know things are hectic at work. I play Rift and in Rift, you can have what are called dimensions. Think of them as three-dimensional landscapes that you can make look like whatever you want. I am absolutely addicted to my dimensions—I currently have 11, of which 9 are active and not used for storage—and when I come home during times like this, I log in and create a fantasy world. As Kent says, it’s like a pixilated doll house, and I do love creating doll houses.

I took some screenshots of one of my favorites I've been working on lately. Keep in mind that I built these structures from square and rectangle tiles, planks and other building components. Almost nothing in this house is pre-made (including the aquarium which even has a fish!).

Front of house with fountain on the left

Aquarium with fish

From the front door--there are candles on the fireplace

Stairs to the second floor


Second floor sitting room

Luxury bath

Second floor deck


Jeanne said...

Looks like a great vacation house, although a little dark. I'd want to build my house closer to a sun!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! I can imagine getting lost in that after being consumed by work.

kittiesx3 said...

Actually I installed the night sky. You can't see it in these images, but there's a huge full moon too.

Kerry DeBauge said...

Oh my goodness I'm swooning. The stairs to the second floor...beautiful. And, that kitchen!