Monday, October 12, 2015

Do you hear what I hear?

I thought you might be interested in what it’s been like with my new bionic part. I got it not quite three weeks ago (posted about it here); I went in a week later for adjustments. I asked for the highs to be dropped a bit and the lows boosted, which my audiologist did—then off to work I went.

Yeouch. It was too much, and sounded wrong so I called him a couple of hours later and asked if there were any way I could get in the next day because I knew I couldn’t last two weeks until the next appointment. He squeezed me in, and we agreed to reset all the levels to what he’d originally programmed. He said that it can take a while for the brain to relearn how to process the information coming in that ear.

Today was the second adjustment visit. I told him I wasn’t sure if my brain had adjusted or if I was having problems because this is peak (PEAK) allergy season for me, which means my ears are clogged, or what. But I couldn’t hear as well. This time he didn’t change the low to high frequency program, but instead boosted it all just slightly.

Right now this seems to be working well. I’m going to be in meetings off and on this week so I’ll have more chances to hear in different circumstances. I haven’t yet turned the volume up (I have three levels of volume control), so I may give that a try too. Overall, though, I’m encouraged and I know it’s helping.


Magpie said...

Glad it's helping. I was thinking about you as I trotted off to the doctor with foggy ears. Not infected, just clogged.

kittiesx3 said...

Clogged is so annoying, and so little helps. If you find something that does help, let me know because yeah. Clogged sucks.