Saturday, July 4, 2015

Three cheers for the red, white & blue

I’ve spent the 4th of July abroad before. Two years ago, Kent and I were in Dublin over the 4th and of course I lived in Germany for three years so wasn’t on American soil then either. Being abroad this year isn’t a first, but I will say this is the furthest away I’ve been. And also the furthest south and the closest to the equator, too.

I elected to spend the day at my hotel rather than do any sightseeing here in Bangalore. To be honest, I’d rather not take the slight risk of unpleasant encounters and also it’s so hot here. So I’m watching Captain America: Winter Soldier in my room. I’ve got books on my Kindle and I have some work I’ll get done either today or tomorrow.

I’ll be glad to get home later this week—although coming home from my second business trip to Beijing will always be the time I was most eager to return to my country. 

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Ben said...

I spent my 4th walking around Panama city so I completely understand! I ended my night by eating ceviche and sea bass at the fish market.