Sunday, July 12, 2015

Odds and ends from my trip

First, I’m pretty much over the jet lag, although I was fairly useless yesterday. Mostly I felt slow but I wasn’t particularly sleepy until about 6PM. I did well to stay up till 7:30, to be honest.

I made the whole trip using my carry-on bag plus my laptop bag (a backpack). What I love about my suitcase is that it will fit in the overhead bins of all except the really tiny planes, the ones that have no first class and bins with sliding doors. That’s helpful when connections are tight, even gate checking can mean you miss the next flight. In this case, on my return trip I was changing airlines and potentially terminals in Frankfurt. If I’d checked a bag, I’d have had to clear customs and immigration, then retrieve the bag from baggage claim and clear security again. That was a hassle I didn't want.

I wore everything I packed with the exception of one company-branded shirt. I have two of them; one is pink and the other one is black. They’re polo-styled shirts and travel well only the black one is cut smaller than the pink one. I hadn’t tried on the black one or I’d have left it at home. I didn’t end up needing it anyway.

The food was really good, also spicy but that’s fine by me. One of our new associates had made it her mission to find the limits to my enjoyment of spicy food, but she never did. Last Tuesday night at the hotel restaurant, I ordered a chicken dish that was labeled as spicy. The server even asked me a couple of times to make sure I knew it was spicy. I told him I hoped that it was—and it was, but not too spicy for me. Even the crackers are spicy. I’m not sure if that’s peculiar to all of India or specific to southern India, but they were.

Here are some random photos of the food I had over the nearly two weeks I was there. I don’t remember what anything was called, just that it was really good.

It was in the shape of a heart :)

This one is dhal (I forget what kind)
Those little round bread things are yummy.

It's HUGE! And filled with some
sort of potato mixture.

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YUMMY! This all looks so good!