Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Conversations you don't want to have

This morning Kent and I were using instant message before we talked. You see, we talk in the morning (my morning/his evening) so I like to make sure he's available and he needs to make sure I got up before he calls. And his IM said he had some exciting news to share. Well now, that sounded interesting!

Turns out Kansas City had a tornado warning (not watch) and so he'd had to wrangle all three kitties into their carries and take them to the basement while the threat passed. Getting cats into carriers is never the most fun but especially when there's just one human, three cats and a pressing need to get them into those carriers sooner rather than later.

So when we talked, they'd been back upstairs for not even an hour. Yikes! As I told Kent, he made a really bad Dorothy and the cats would never be mistaken for Toto.

I'll leave you with an old photo of kitties in kennels. Not much has changed, they still hate being in them.

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Kerry DeBauge said...

A few years ago, Brad was in China so away for weeks. We had a string of late evening/night severe storms. A few contained tornados or at least triggered the sirens. With two kids (they were 6 and 7 at the time) and two dogs, it took me one time to herd them all into the basement before I decided to set up camp. We slept in the basement four or five nights. Fun times!