Wednesday, March 4, 2015

34 years ago

Oddly 34 years ago, March 4 was also a Wednesday.

Pregnant, didn't know it. I
felt awful.

Anyway, I was pregnant, a week overdue and had a c-section scheduled for Friday, March 6. I'd have a series of very strong, regular contractions and then they'd just stop for a few hours. Being young and even more impatient than I am today, I hated that my body wasn't just getting things done.

Well 34 years ago in a couple of hours (say around 7 PM Central), I started having the same strong, regular contractions 10 minutes apart. And this time, they didn't stop after an hour. So we called the doctor and he said hey let's go ahead and get this party started. Off we went to the hospital.

But of course things take time, there's papers to be filled out, blood to be drawn, IVs to be started and contractions to be monitored. So by the time all Is were dotted and Ts crossed, it was after midnight before the c-section even started. Jordan was born around 2:30 AM (no I don't remember the exact time, sue me, I was having major surgery).
Jordan at five weeks

He clocked in at 8 pounds, six and a half ounces, was just shy of 20 inches and had the longest, darkest eye lashes you've ever seen. He has them still today and generally comments are always made about his amazing eyes.

I'm proud to be his mother. He's grown up to be a thoughtful, creative man and I'm so glad he's my son.

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