Thursday, July 10, 2014

Water cat part trois

Eddie has long been fascinated with running water, at least water running from a faucet. I have no idea what he’d do with a stream since he’s strictly an indoor cat. But he does love water coming from a faucet.

I wrote about his obsession here and here (both with videos), where I had to practically fight with him to get the sink to myself when brushing my teeth. That ritual has evolved in the Little Yellow House.

Nowadays, he jumps on the bathroom counter when I get the floss out and chirps or meows at me to hurry it up. Once I turn on the faucet (to a tiny trickle) and wet my toothbrush, the sink is all his for as long as it takes me to walk to the kitchen, dispose of my floss and finish brushing my teeth. Sometimes I come back to him just looking at the water. Other times he’s actively biting at the trickle or sticking his head under it. Usually he ends up giving a great big shake and getting water all over the counter and the mirror.

This morning when I came back, he wasn’t doing any of these things and I realized there was a spider on the side of the sink. I rinsed the not so eensy teensy spider down the water spout drain, and poor Eddie didn’t get his water play time today. No worries, he's an optimistic cat and knows tomorrow is another day.

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