Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Me Made May plus remembering my sewing philosophy

If you haven’t heard of Me Made May, it’s a pretty simple concept. You pledge to wear X clothing items you’ve made during the month of May. Lots of bloggers write extensively about it in May, and it's even garnered a newspaper article.Some sewists wear only items they’ve made, some include an item a day and others go for a few a week. I generally haven’t participated except in my thoughts and that’s mostly because what I sew is a little too casual for my style at work. But I am always intrigued by the various levels of participation and enjoy seeing the photos of what people wore each day in May.

This year, another group of sewing bloggers has named May as Sewing Indi Month – with the goal of sewing and wearing casual styles by independent pattern makers. Now that’s something I can get behind since it lines up with where I’m realizing my sewing needs to be.

You see, I do best when I sew up casual clothing. That’s both because it’s within my skill range and also fits into my schedule. And to be completely honest, it helps with my massive impatient streak. I really get twitchy if something takes days and days to sew, especially if it ends up being a big fat failure. I just found this pattern over the weekend, so I’m going to whip it up this month.

So this May, in addition to giving an independent pattern maker a try, I’m also recommitting myself to sticking with sewing the casual clothing I know I can do well. In turn, that will allow me to save money to buy the more complicated items I like but don’t have the patience or skill to make.

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