Thursday, March 27, 2014

There's a hole in the bucket

If I had a bucket list (which I don’t), I’d be able to check off “sew a garment out of silk.” I finally finished the top version of Simplicity 1699 (dress version here) and let me tell you, silk and I will probably never be besties unless someone else is doing the sewing.

Eddie (L) and Wally (R) wanted
to be photographed.
I did a lot of reading online before ever laying scissors to fabric, which led me to run out and get some things just for this project:

  • Bought new dressmaker scissors that will only be used on silk and the like
  • Bought new silk straight pins and a different colored magnetic pin holder – I even cleverly wrote “silk pins” on the side in case the other sewist in my house gets confused
  • Placed the fabric on top of paper
  • Cut out all pieces in single layers (groan)
  • Serged all edges – which was another groan because that stuff wants to move
  • Pressed and ironed this garment probably seven times more than normal (and it still needs more pressing)*

I mostly like the top but will probably redo the hem. I added a band of fabric cut to match the peplum at the hemline (it’s some lining material) so that the hem would float and boy does it. So I think I will unpick my hem (can I get another groan? It took me 30 minutes to hand stitch that hem), cut off all but 5/8 of the fabric, re-serge the raw edge and redo the hem. If that doesn’t stop the floating, well then the top will just have to float. I don’t want it any shorter.

Made this skirt too, New Look 6082
In really exciting news, I won some amazing fabric from Sew Melodic and it arrived today. Isn’t this gorgeous? Now I need to figure out what to make that will showcase the fabric and look good on me.

Kent hadn't heard of the song "There's a Hole in the Bucket" so just in case you haven't either, here you go:

*I read somewhere that you should spend about three times as long at the ironing board pressing and ironing your sewing projects as you do at the sewing machine actually sewing them. This project blew that proportion right out of the water, plus I spent a crazy amount of time carefully pinning and repinning everything.


Jeanne said...

I kind of like the "floating" effect, but mostly in a "hey, that looks like a Star Trek outfit" sort of way, so maybe toning it down for everyday wear is a good idea.

Judith said...

Good placement of print pattern. No unintended 'headlight' effect.