Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cat fail

They should be ashamed, our kitties.

Last night I heard one of the cats playing with what I thought was a toy. Only it wasn’t a toy – this morning when I was moving a small blanket from the door stopper (I use the blanket to keep cats from making that boing! boing! sound at night), I saw what I thought was the toy. Then the “toy” moved.

Yes, we had a mouse.

I confess I shrieked like a little girl and then it scurried under the closet door. We had to empty the closet to catch that thing – it was fast.

Once caught, Kent took it out to the back of our yard and tossed it toward a tree. He said that thing landed on a branch perfectly, like a little acrobat.

We had a mouse in our garage last fall. Hopefully this was the same mouse. If so, I’m sure it will probably be back in the garage and looking for the route into the house again by noon. I just hope we aren’t thoroughly infested with the critters. I haven’t seen mouse droppings and there are no signs of chewing in any of our food packages so maybe we had just the one.

In the meantime, we've been telling our cats how much they failed in their duty as cats. They don't seem to care. 


Jeanne said...

It's the ultimate insult when the mice eat the cat food.
We take our mice miles away from the house. One time, a cat got one very late at night and we caught it in a net. Ron was too tired to drive it anywhere, so he walked it down the street to a local church parking lot and let it go. I worried that wasn't far enough, so the next morning he pulled the curtains and did a double take. "Look!" he shouted to the rest of us. "See that mouse limping up the driveway?"

Jeanne said...

He was kidding. We have no idea how far away is far enough.