Saturday, March 8, 2014

And a wool skirt, too

I’d mentioned I had enough material left over from the window pane plaid give-away material to make a skirt. I’m happy to report the skirt is finished.

Wearing a black T under the
jacket & standing by the gnome
I made it using Simplicity 2451, view C. I’ve made this skirt twice before. The first time I sewed it up as is but realized I wasn’t a fan of the pleats. Plus the pockets are ridiculously tiny so really what’s the point? So the second time I sewed it, I traced out a front that didn’t have the pleats or the pockets, held my breath and sewed it up. To my surprise, that black wool skirt became one of my favorite skirts, including my RTW skirts. So that’s what I did here.

Of course I had the added complication/burden of matching all the plaids. I’m about cross-eyed from doing so but they are pretty well matched, including from the front yoke to the front of the skirt. Yes, I realize you can’t see that – but my photographer wanted to take the pictures outside where it was a chilly 39°. Of course today would be the day I french braided my hair. My ears got cold!

Next up is something different for me. Pattern Review is holding a fitted shirt contest. I prefer not to enter contests so I won’t. Instead, I’ll treat this as one big sew along and I’ll make myself a fitted shirt, probably from Vogue 8772, view D. One thing's certain, I am done matching plaids for a while.


Harriet said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! Very cute!

Diane Russell said...

That really turned out well!! Great job!