Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vacations and us

Kent and I take two kinds of vacations: completely unplugged vacations where we imitate slugs doing nothing, and Crazy Trips™ where we more closely resemble Tasmanian devils on speed and just go, go, go doing and seeing things the entire time. All our trips last year fell in the Crazy Trip™ category, including Barcelona.

Last week was the unplugged kind. We would have liked to go back to Couples Negril in Jamaica but the travel time is longer and Kent doesn’t get much in the way of vacations. We wanted warm temperatures, a good beach, plenty of sunshine and easy to get to. Cancun fit the bill. Kent found a good price on flights and also found a great deal at one of the two Westin properties there – a reasonable room rate plus for another $60 a day, all our food and drinks were covered. We were pretty sure we’d have spent more than $60 a day for our food so that was an easy decision.

Overall the trip did exactly what we wanted: we both relaxed, enjoyed the temps (upper 70s and low 80s), kept our window open at night to hear the waves and ate ceviche every day. (We are now determined to make our own ceviche so stay tuned for how that goes.)

But we did still miss Jamaica. Here’s a quick comparison of the two properties:

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So the TLDR version is we prefer Negril when we have the time and money, and Cancun when either is a little tight.

Obligatory beach photo from Cancun

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Jeanne said...

Either way, you're spending money wisely!