Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Work it

The other day a friend commented that I have a lot of workout videos. I actually have fewer now (lost some during our first flood) but generally speaking, she's right. Then another friend asked if I would mind listing what I have along with why I like or don't like each one.

I'll caveat all of this by saying that I'm no fitness expert, and I am speaking only from my experience with each of these workouts (I have one that I've never done, so it's not listed here). Also what's important to me may not matter to you. For example, in my workouts I want:

  • Good cues (let me know what's coming next)
  • But not long drawn out explanations for each exercise (that gets old after the first three or four times using the workout)
  • Accurate and even repetitions (please count your reps, I don't want to do 8 on one side and 12 on the other)
  • A decent stretch (I struggle with flexibility and need stretching in my workouts)
  • Solid ab work (I've had a lot of abdominal surgery and it takes a lot to keep my belly in shape)

Also, I don't have any joint issues and with the exception of some scar tissue problems in the lower left quadrant of my abdominals, I don't really have any other issues either. Obviously, if you've got joint or muscle issues then your experience may differ a lot.

When the weather permits, I run every other day and on the non-run days, I do one of my workout DVDs unless I'm doing free weights. I've got that routine memorized so I don't use a DVD for it any more.

I've also started using a Bosu ball for some of the free weight workouts. It adds a level of difficulty for balance and stability that I like a lot.

So here's my line up of workouts (you will need to click on the image to actually read it):

If you still can't read it, post in the comments and I'll figure out another way of packaging the information. And if you've got a workout DVD you just love, let me know. I'm always looking for more workouts.

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