Friday, January 24, 2014

A quick retrospective

I’ve been scanning old photos from my family – I do mean old. Some are of great-great grandparents and whatever was written on the backs of them has faded with age.

I didn’t realize that I had high school senior pictures of my mother and my grandmother. I have one of me too, although mine wasn’t in black and white. But Picasa makes it very easy to alter photographs and so I’ve converted mine to black and white just for fun. Looking at my grandmother's picture, I see a very strong resemblance with my sister Amy. I'd never really noticed that before.

Mana (my grandmother)

My mother

And me


Magpie said...

you look exactly like my cousin in that last picture. the hair!! also, i think i had that shirt, or one quite like it. huckapoo?

kittiesx3 said...

Oh gosh I don't even remember. High school was . . . well I think Moby Dick was a minnow then.