Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A quick December sewing update

Kent sewed some really cute stuffed animals for the grandkids this year. At first he was only going to sew one for the youngest, and then he realized that the middle child (also a boy) might like one. Finally he reached the conclusion that he couldn’t sew for two of the grandkids and have the third – the oldest and a girl – without a stuffed animal.

So away he went. I helped in that I actually stuffed the dogs and also did the hand sewing (he loathes hand sewing and I don’t mind it, well not much anyway). Here’s how they turned out:

She named hers Pinky Pie
Both boys got a Tiger Dog

I also did a Secret Santa exchange with some friends. We had a deadline and of course spending limits so I was pleased to be able to make a bag for Magpie from some absolutely lovely black wool and then line it with a sort of toile (it’s actually a stretch denim of sorts but I personally would never wear jeans made out of that material). I forgot to take pictures before I got the bag made, wrapped and mailed so she very kindly took some for me.




Jeanne said...

"tiger" dog!

Joybells said...

You two are so crafty!

kittiesx3 said...

I forgot to say how incredibly soft the dogs are. They're both made out of minky (and the pink one is super soft) which was a challenge to sew on and why there was a fair amount of hand sewing involved. That stuff is slippery.

Magpie said...

the bag is just luscious - and those pups are cute!!