Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5

Because I live in a cheaper area of the country, I can splurge on Glenfiddich* 15 yr Solara Reserve. I love single malt whiskeys. They taste so very good and a little goes a long, long way. I especially like having one after a tough day or week at work.

In fact, the day we flooded in 2009, Kent had gone back to the drowned apartment to fetch some things that were above the water line that we knew we'd need -- things like toiletries, socks, the floating litter box (hey it was a litter box so who cared that it took a bath in Boston's finest water?). I called him from the crack house hotel to ask him to fetch a couple of other things (don't remember now what they were) and at the end told him to bring the (almost entirely full) bottle of single malt because I figured we would need it.

So cheers! I toast you on day 5 with a shot of Glenfiddich.

*I'd link to their web site but it's got an annoying net nanny feature that requires you to verify your age before entering the web site. I wouldn't inflict that on anyone.


peachykeen said...

A woman of exquisite taste! I raise my own glass to you! ;)

Magpie said...

i'm partial to the smoky peaty ones, like lagavulin. here's to scotch!