Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 23

You know, this is harder than it looks. Mostly I struggle with coming up with things that aren’t incredibly shallow or sound too preachy.

Anyway – day 23. Continuing on with the theme of friendship, today we fly to Boston and tomorrow we’ll drive down to the Cape to spend Sunday with our friends celebrating Friendsgiving. I can’t remember if this is our fourth or fifth year, but it’s definitely a great tradition. Things will be different this year since various friends have started having children. We’re going to have our big dinner earlier in the day so those with kids can get home at a reasonable hour. I will say, I remember when I was the one needing that accommodation so it’s fun to see things from the other side now.

These friends were the ones who really helped us through some very dark times in Boston. I’m not sure if they realize how much they helped us and comforted us, but they did. And as long as they’ll host Friendsgiving and we can afford tickets, we’ll be there every year.

So yes, for the third time this month I’m grateful for friends. This time it’s my Boston friends.

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