Sunday, October 6, 2013

What we'll do for a cup of joe

We bought a small coffee pot yesterday.

We ran the numbers on buying our morning coffee every day from a cafe or from Starbucks and realized that for a couple of Euros more, we could get the pot and the freedom to have our coffee the instant we wake up. So for 22 Euros, we gained a lot of flexibility.

Of course we can't bring it home, so the cleaning folks will have a practically new pot if they want it. And we will have had our coffee first thing in the morning, which will really count on Friday. Our flight leaves Barcelona at 6:30 AM and I can promise you, no store will be open two hours prior to that. This is Europe, after all.

Have you ever bought something like that on vacation, something you know you can't take home with you?


peachykeen said...

Oh, yes - I too have bought stuff knowing I would be leaving it behind! In Yerevan, I bought a hair dryer because it was winter and my luggage was delayed 3 days. In Mauritania, it was food - the Embassy advised against eating anything because of the water and lack of health regulations and foods processed outside of the county; canned food was pretty much it! That was a tough two weeks!

kittiesx3 said...

Wow, what kinds of foods did you end up eating?

peachykeen said...

I took lots of the single serve packages of tuna, granola, and peanut butter - and I still got sick! :(

Jeanne said...

I often buy a guidebook and leave it there for the next tourist.

kittiesx3 said...

Not sure our Spanish phrase guide would be helpful -- so far, I think we're close to the only native English speaking guests at our hotel.