Sunday, September 15, 2013

When the cat's away

Kent’s not actually a cat but he is out of town for work – he left this morning. So rather than sit around and feel sorry for myself, I cut out and sewed a dress. Disclaimer: no pictures because I cannot seem to take a decent self-picture to save my life. 

Anyway. I made New Look 6071 with long sleeves out of a purple ponte knit fabric. Fortunately I read reviews by others who’ve sewn the dress because the directions get wonky at step 7. That’s unusual for New Look patterns but this time it flat omits making a button hole for the self-wrap front of the dress.

When my photographer is back at home, I’ll get some pictures. I’m just glad to have done something constructive today that had a happy ending.


Jeanne said...

People I work with accumulate purple in their wardrobes to wear to college functions; we had a function yesterday and there was a lot of purple.

kittiesx3 said...

I have very little of it, which is a shame. It's s great color for me. Unfortunately it's also the color of a particular university here, one known for their out of control rabid fans. So that's why I've avoided it even though I got my master's there. Those fans are unpleasantly nuts.

Magpie said...

it looks nice.
i'm fond of purple, but i only wear black/white/beige/blue.
except sometimes in accessories.