Friday, September 6, 2013

Need some sewing advice

I've asked on a sewing forum, I've mentioned to some other friends and I'm asking here. I've just about finished version 2 of the dress that melted all over the iron two weeks ago. I've run into problems that are (once again) entirely self inflicted. This time it's because the fabric I chose is a little stiffer than it should be for the lines of the dress. You can see what it should look like at this link here.

Here's what I'm dealing with:

Front view

Side view

Yes, I could use a pin or brooch to sort of collect that fabric in the front but that's not the solution I'd prefer. I really want to have it drape in a cowl the way it's designed to. So any ideas? I'm considering getting a chain weight a la Chanel and hand-stitching it in the lining of the cowl but boy, that will make washing the dress quite difficult.

Got any ideas?

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Lesa said...

Okay. Keep in mind that I haven't sewn in quite awhile, but I'll offer a suggestion. It looks as though you might need to give the material a little more slack on the back side of the neckline. Is there enough of the top to loosen the neckline any? Maybe you can lessen the depth of the inside of the neckline so that it might fold farther over, that might be enough to help it drape. I don't know if I'm describing it well enough. If it's too short/tight across the bodice, it will pull and not have enough slack to drape. good luck!