Thursday, September 5, 2013

A new neighbor

We have a grill out on the patio, but in all honesty we haven't used it this summer. It's just been out there collecting dust on the top and leaves underneath. Now it's also become part of the anchoring for a spider's web.

Our spider is no teensy, weensy spider crawling up the water spout. No, he's pretty big, easily half dollar size, not one you'd want to run into in the dark. The other day, a locust/cicada blundered into his web and it was good bye bug.

Seeing this spider makes me think of my older son who as a little boy and even into his teen years was utterly terrified of spiders. If he even thought for a moment that he'd seen one, he'd run shrieking out of the room. Once he got stuck in his bedroom on his bed because he'd spotted a spider but didn't know where it got off to.

So this picture is for him:

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