Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More running randomness

I’m running in the new Brooks shoes now but the jury is still out on whether or not they’ll be OK. My feet have no meat on them so my ankle bones sit closer to the bottoms of my heels than most people’s do. This means that my shoes – whether running or normal – need to be lower cut around the ankle or else I’m in pain.

Speaking of pain, the hot, humid weather is back in Kansas and my runs are pretty darn miserable because of it. When I’m running up the last, long hill, I have a little mantra that keeps me going:

  • Here’s the houses that’s for sale – three more blocks (to the top of the hill)
  • OK here’s the pool house – two more blocks, I can do it
  • Now the Marine’s house, can’t stop here because oh the shame
  • Whew, made it!

The one house that was for sale the last time I did a post like this, the one listed for $1.5million, is no longer on the market. I have no idea if it sold or not but the one next to it is now available.

One of the reasons I run so early in the morning is because I prefer to run in the dark, with less traffic and no glare from the sun. Ironically, I run faster in the dark and am more aware of the potential tripping hazards due to cracks in the sidewalk. If I ever do take a tumble, I can guarantee you it will be because I ran during the day or some driver had their lights on high beam and blinded me so I tripped.


Lesa said...

Elizabeth, Something you might want to consider for your shoes is an insert that works for exercise and adds some filler for your shoes. I have found one by DRX that helps with comfort and filling the shoe. They work in all kinds of shoes, including athletic. As you know, I have narrow feet, as well as not much cushion there. These DRX work really well.

kittiesx3 said...

Lesa, great suggestion. I was hesitant to buy anything like the Dr. Scholl's inserts because they seem to be too all purpose. I'll check the DRX out.